About Me


For me, finding my purpose and path was a miracle.

I would say I fell into my career in advertising. I graduated a liberal arts college with an English degree and no real sense of what I could or should do next. I always hated that question, ‘What’s your passion?” I didn’t know! Or what I did love didn’t seem practical.

I went on to build a successful 18-year corporate career, but always had this nagging feeling in my gut that I was meant to be doing something else. The problem was, I had NO IDEA what that was. 

What I did know was I could no longer spend my days being FINE. I wanted to feel excited and motivated. I wanted to do something that felt more meaningful. I wanted to be more fully engaged in life! I needed to be.

I found my path to coaching by realizing the connection between what has always been innate within me, what I find to be most important in life, and the kind of lifestyle I wanted to create for myself. I never knew my passion until I realized how much it pains me to see people settle for so much less than they are. It was like a great, glorious lightbulb. 

Now I leverage my corporate experience and coaching expertise to partner with smart, motivated clients who also have a burning desire for change, from switching careers, to starting their own companies, to creating new roles for themselves, or making a big impact in their organizations. They are not willing to settle, and they feel passionate about living their most full life. I love what I do! 

If this sounds like you, let’s have a conversation and see if coaching might be a fit.