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Christine O’Neill,  Transformational Success Coach

Christine O’Neill,

Transformational Success Coach


Have you reached a point in life where you look around and realize you just don’t want to do “this” anymore? You’re not excited, feel no motivation, and even though you’ve always cared about doing great work, you’ve become apathetic. It’s draining to get up and go to work each day, because you just don’t care. The work doesn’t mean anything to you. Are you even having any fun?

The worst part is you know you are capable of so much more, but you don’t know what that is or how to get there. You do know that if you found something you loved to do, and were around inspiring, like-minded people, who were all working toward a common mission, who cared about the work they were doing, you would be on fire! You would be excited and energized to get up and go to work each day, because you’d be making an impact! Doing something that means something. You would lose all track of time because work was stimulating, a place of inspiration and ideation.

As a former ad exec, I deeply understand that feeling of knowing that you’re capable of so much more than you’re doing. Of being complimented on your success and thinking, “You think this is me at my best?” It was a depressing thought. I knew I wanted so much more but didn’t know how to change it. I knew that “this” was not what I wanted, and also that I had know idea what I did want to do. The one thing I did know, was that staying in the same place was no longer an option. And so I changed it. I found work that energizes me, gives me a greater sense of living my purpose every day, of making a difference, and of doing it with balance, freedom and financial success.

I believe everyone can have that if they desire it enough. And the first, most important part, is to start to figure out not only what you DON’T want, but what you DO want instead.

I know how daunting that can feel.

And so I’ve created a free masterclass to help you do just that. Get out of your place of “cant’s” and “I don’t knows” and into a place of thinking about what IS possible for you. Staying in the place of impossibility will get you nowhere.

In the end, every success comes down to these three things:

  1. Knowing what you want

  2. Believing you can have it

  3. Taking action

There are nuances and steps within: cultivating mindset, determination and resilience, as well as getting the right support, expertise and planning. In the end though, these are the three overarching pillars to achieving whatever it is you desire.

This FREE masterclass will take you through a deeper dive on the first step, and touch on the second and third:

  1. Getting clear on what it is you desire

  2. How to start cultivating your faith in that desire

  3. Taking a step toward achieving it

You may believe you have absolutely no idea what you want. I know I felt that way. I actually felt I was the one singular person in the world who would never be able to figure this out. I was exceptional in that I would always be stuck. That’s how low I felt about where I was.

What I realized later, was that was all an indication of how important this was to me. It was vital that I change something, I just didn’t know how.

You don’t have to know all the answers in order to create a vision of what you want. I guarantee you have some ideas. This class is all about helping to tease those out, and starting a framework for what would really light you up inside. It is the start of actually creating a life that will bring you joy, which is fully possible for you.

If you are really ready to start changing something in your life, to start living with more energy, excitement, freedom, meaning, and joy, then start here.

  • The live class will take place on Facebook on Wednesday, June 26th at noon ET.

  • Registration includes access to the free Facebook Group.

  • The recording will be posted in the group, if you can’t make the class live or if you wish to re-watch.

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Cultivating your desire for the thing you want is the most powerful tool you can have toward achieving it. You really can live your dreams. It starts here.