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1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Coaching is a partnership based on the knowledge that you, the client, are the expert in your life, and in fact already hold the answers within.

Custom to your needs, we will identify what you really want, so we can start building a path to getting it. 

Our work may include:

  • What is potentially causing a lack of fulfillment and keeping you from achieving the success you desire

  • Identifying your goals and creating a vision for your future

  • Translating this new-found awareness into accountable action steps to keep you moving forward

You have the answers within - you just need the right formula and support in order to tease them out. 


1:1 Career Coaching

Career coaching includes a more structured approach to finding work you love.

Dependent on your individual needs, our work may include:

  • Identifying who you are, your values, what inspires you, and what you love doing

  • Understanding what you want, in order to feel fulfilled, including financially

  • Translating the above into action, whether:

    • Confidently taking ownership of your next career move within industry

    • Making a full career transition, which means knowing it's a good fit before taking the leap (and wasting a lot of time and money in the process)

This is about identifying what will give you fulfillment and meaning in your work while also fitting the lifestyle you want.

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Employee Empowerment Programs

I work in-house with organizations who are passionate about supporting their employees’ growth and success. 

Custom group and 1:1 coaching programs include: 

  • Proactively Navigating a Successful & Fulfilling Career Path

  • Confidently Owning Your Voice

  • Building Innovative Leaders & Teams

  • Dynamic & Influential Conversations

  • Client & Relationship Management

  • Increasing Energy & Productivity of Teams

What do you want to build for your organization? 

Let’s discuss how we can customize a program specific to your team or company’s needs. 


Energy Leadership Index™ (E.L.I.) Assessment

Are you getting the results you want? Do you feel stressed and unproductive?

The E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment that creates increased awareness around the current behaviors and perceptions which may be limiting your impact as a leader, your ability to get things done, and affecting your relationships (at work or personal).

The Assessment includes a 20-min online survey and a 60-minute debrief call to review your results, discuss key takeaways and also opportunities for you to reduce stress, have healthier relationships, increase your level of energy, your productivity, your impact as a leader, and more!