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1:1 Transformational Coaching

As your coach, I partner with you to craft an individualized plan tailored specifically to what you want to achieve. Our work may include:

  • Identifying what you really, really want in life, and what is keeping you from it

  • Re-energizing you toward your goals

  • Creating accountable action steps to keep you moving forward

  • Brainstorming career and business ideas, and helping you make an informed choice

  • Advice, tools and resources for conducting an efficient career transition

You are the expert in your life, and already have the answers within - you just need the right tools and support in order to tease them out.


Transformational Group Coaching

Group coaching provides the opportunity to be coached alongside other like-minded achievers who want to create something more extraordinary for their lives.

This format provides a unique energy of learning, ideating, support and encouragement.

Groups are not for everyone, and I will have an in-depth conversation with you to see if there’s a fit for your and the group’s needs.

We keep the group intimate, consisting of up to 6 individuals at a time. These curated, small groups often lead to powerful connections that extend well beyond our time together.

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Employee Empowerment Programs

I work in-house with organizations who are passionate about supporting their employees’ growth and success. 

Custom group and 1:1 coaching programs include: 

  • Proactively Navigating a Successful & Fulfilling Career Path

  • Confidently Owning Your Voice

  • Building Innovative Leaders & Teams

  • Dynamic & Influential Conversations

  • Client & Relationship Management

  • Increasing Energy & Productivity of Teams

What do you want to build for your organization? 

Let’s discuss how we can customize a program specific to your team or company’s needs.