4 Myths Standing Between You And Your Dream Job

For those of us who don’t have one singular obvious passion, it can be debilitating to try to figure out the one thing you want to do next.

What if it’s the wrong thing?

What if I miss out on something so much better?

The fear of getting it ‘wrong’ leads to not making any choice. Which stinks - because then you’re sitting there in the same place, with all this potential, and not doing anything about it.

All that ability and ambition is going to waste and time is flying by. Isn’t that crazy how the months and years seem to go by faster and faster? Scary.

Time isn’t slowing down to wait for you to make a decision.

So let’s dispel a few myths today, so you can shake off this bologna and actually start doing all the amazing things of which you’re capable.

#1  There is one perfect job out there for you

This just isn’t true.

It might feel terrible to be told there isn’t this one true calling you’re destined to uncover (“If only my parents had gotten me trumpet lessons! I could have been a star!”)

But really, if you think about it in a different way, it’s completely liberating. What this means is there are actually many paths which will bring you joy! You have so many wonderful options! It’s no longer about picking the “right” thing, it’s about figuring out what might be most exciting and would best fit into the rest of your life as it is right now, and then going toward that thing.

Which brings me to the next myth:

#2 You can make a wrong choice

Not possible.

The next choice you make will give you a world of learning about what it is you do and don’t want, what energizes you and what drains you, the people you want to be around, the type of environment in which you thrive, the activities you most like to do, etc.

The only wrong choice is not making any choice.

Which brings me to the third myth:

#3 You need to know what you want to do before you can move forward

I get why you would think so, but how would you really know if the thing you’ve never tried before is the thing you want to be doing? Doesn't that feel like an impossible expectation?

All you need to get started is enough interest in something that you want to find out more about it, to learn from others, to test the waters, to start to experiment. You don’t have to go all in on one thing. You can try many things!

You may even find there are some things that light you up that have nothing to do with your profession. That’s brilliant! Because the final myth is:

#4 Changing careers will finally bring you fulfillment

Like anything in life, if we base overall fulfillment on something external (getting the job, earning the money, being in the relationship…), we’ll most often be sorely disappointed when getting that thing doesn’t lead to all the feels we’d hoped.

True fulfillment comes in understanding who you really are and what your priorities are in life, then aligning your actions against that most authentic version of you. This is not just in career, but in multiple parts of your life: relationships, personal growth, health, spirituality, and fun! That’s right. How much fun are you having right now??

When you start to change one aspect, it sets off a series of changes and opportunities.

That’s why the biggest thing I want you to take away from all of this is to realize you don’t have to have all the answers before getting started. Let go of that idea, and just get started.

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Let’s show the world what you’ve got!



Christine O'Neill